The Church of Andy Kaufman (C.A.K.)

We believe that Andy Kaufman, the man and spirit, the ONE, was sent to this earth to free us from all badness and sadness. Why do we believe these things? Why?


Andy Kaufman "died" on May 16 of 1984 (Esquire, November 1984). Many have said that he will reappear from being "dead" sometime in late 1999 or early 2000. Andy Kaufman himself intimated to others that this was his wish: that he would "die" and reappear sometime in the future (Andy Kaufman Revealed!, Zmuda et al. 1999, pages 252, 253). Others believe he would not return for at least 20 years (Andy Kaufma Homepage, close friend of Andy Kaufman, Regardless of when, many believe that Andy Kaufman will return at some point. We have no reason to believe that this will not occur. We subscribe to the belief that Andy Kaufman will one day return, and we believe in it unconditionally.

The Humor Man

Andy Kaufman was a man of great humor who spread happiness throughout the world (Rolling Stone Yearbook, 1984, Robin Williams quote: "....and the world was the punch line"). This is fact. It is well known that Andy Kaufman spread this happiness through various mediums including television, video tape, and motion pictures (Rolling Stone, April 30, 1981; We also know that he spread this happiness (some call it humor) on at least three different levels. He made the sophisticated individual laugh with his absurdist merrymaking. His escapades on the popular television series "Taxi" were designed to make all laugh, particularly non-sophisticated individuals. And his ventures in All-Star Wrestling brought smiles to many "others". With his jokes, funny characters, mannerisms, movies, music, AND writing (, he did practically everything to make man and womankind laugh and think of humor. No one in the history of man and womankind had ever imparted such an original form of funny entertainment before. These ideals of Andy comprise the Humor Man. The manifestation of the Humor Man is but another reason why we believe so strongly that Andy Kaufman is the ONE.

Spirit of Good

We accept the premise that Andy Kaufman lived a public life that was intentionally and largely fraudulent in his adventures of spreading his happiness to all (Andy Kaufman Revealed! Zmuda et al, 1999, see entire book). We believe first that he did this to protect himself from the feeding frenzy of the press and other problems that would be associated with such spiritual celebrity (As an example, see any of the Enquirer articles relating to Andy Kaufman prior to May 1984). Once he has reappeared, he will be a different person altogether. This we believe. And when Andy Kaufman reappears, we believe he will have the strength to accept such irritants of modern day. Secondly, his fraudulent behavior, we believe, was largely put forth as a means of entertaining the masses as aforementioned. And this he did. Please note that we do not take offense at his so-called fraudulent actions because they were effected as (a) a protective measure from the foul beast of frenzied press and (b) a means of entertaining as the role of Humor Man required. It should be further noted, however, that much of the fraudulent behavior effected by Andy Kaufman (particular during the Wrestling Period of His Life) was of a negative flavor and tone (Examples of words used to describe Andy Kaufman during this Period: blowhard, chauvinist, villain, etc. taken from Rolling Stone, May 15, 1980). Taking these aspects into consideration, it should be readily apparent to even a casual observer that Andy Kaufman was actually a very good man. In other words, we believe that the opposite of Andy Kaufman's fraudulent behavior (which we agree was less than wholesome) was positive energy to be awed (Rolling stone, July 5, 1984, Judd Hirsch quote: "His was a rare spirit - an indomitable one."). We believe this opposite of the public persona of Andy Kaufman to be the real Andy Kaufman, and this appears to have been suggested by someone who knew Andy Kaufman (Extra Daily News, "Inside Andy Kaufman," May 24, 1999, He being so good in reality that we believe this is added evidence that he is the ONE. Once the ONE has reappeared, he will no longer have need to practice fraudulent behavior. This we believe.

Source of Positive Works

He touched the lives of an overwhelming number of people and helped many. We may never know exactly how many he helped. It cannot be ignored that Andy Kaufman helped the downtrodden individuals of modern society. For example, it is known that Andy Kaufman walked among prostitutes (Andy Kaufman Revealed!, Zmuday et al, 1999, pages 161, 162). Andy Kaufman also provided direct religious mentoring on occasions (Andy Kaufman Revealed!, Zmuda et al, 1999, page 205). In addition, Andy Kaufman provided examples of good living through his profound interest in Transcendental Meditation ( This we believe.

Conclusionary Statement

These aspects of Andy Kaufman as Humor Man, Spirit of Good, and Source of Postive Works, under scholarly evalution, should convince anyone that Andy Kaufman is in fact the One. This we believe.

What are we? Basically, we are a few people, as of now, that believe the above elements concerning Andy Kaufman. Our origins began and evolved over the past 5 years and culminated in our presence within the recently established Christians for Andy Kaufman Society. We have since come to the realization that the group was basically a secular group masquerading in a religious cloak. Conditions therein were simply intolerable. Irreconcilable differences with the leadership therein* caused us to depart and begin anew. This web site, though hastily constructed, is a signpost to our future and a means to spread our beliefs before the ONE returns. Please visit often. We are in our infantile state at this time and welcome any help you may provide thusly.

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A place to discuss the life of Andy Kaufman and his return.

*Although we find the founder of Christians for Andy Kaufman Society to be simply brilliant, he is not what he thinks he is. He is barely born-again and extremely confused.
It should be noted that Church of Andy Kaufman is not in any way affiliated, directly or indirectly, with the Kaufman Estate, Comic Relief, or Robert Zmuda.